Rover bodywork

The bodywork of the rover has a dual function.
It serves to arrange and support some sensors and gives a shape to the rover.

Usually the design of the bodywork of robots isn't interesting.
In this case we wanted to give a touch of originality to this component.
For material, we have avoided using plastic or fiberglass, because they are expensive to procure and work with.
We choose paper and cardboard, assembled with papier-mâché techniques.

We have designed shape and dimensions of the bodywork in 3D, so we were able to check the dimensions of the components contained.

We have decided how to divide the various parts of the bodywork.


We have printed and cut the masks of all the necessary pieces.

Using the masks, we have cut the shapes on thick cardboard.

We started to bend and unite the parts

We have joined the parts together to get the bodywork completely assembled.

We took some sheets of paper and made a glue by mixing flour, water and vinegar.

We've covered all the bodywork with pieces of glued paper.